Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ken White, we'll never know a better friend

From the day more than 37 years ago when my pregnant reporter self rode with Ken from Selma to Camden, Ala. to cover a trial, Ken White has been a forever friend. I worked at the Selma Times-Journal and Ken at WAKA, where he became famous for his sports trivia segment.

Ken White happy at a ballgame
photo from Maddie White FB post

Ballgames and concerts. Road trips and parties. Ken embraced us, brought us into his eclectic circle of friends. Ken died Oct. 11 at age 63 from complications of mantle cell lymphoma.

Ken’s remarkable ability and determination to keep his friends close – from one end of the coast to the other – never wavered. As our families grew and careers moved on, Ken stayed in touch, with a phone call after an Auburn game or a visit whenever he was in Alabama.

I saw him last when he drove the six hours to Selma to deliver the eulogy for one of those eclectic friends, Pat “Zeus” Cheshire. We laughed and cried. 

And, I know that the Mass today for Ken, a devoted Catholic who lived his faith by letting his light shine, also brought tears and laughter.

Husband Frank got to see Ken a few months ago, a great visit, he said, when Ken was in the hospital for one of the many procedures we hoped would bring a cure.

Like so many who’ve posted on his Facebook page, we’ve never known a better friend. I doubt we ever will.

Devoted friend, son and brother, proud husband to Jenny and father to Mack and Madeline, Ken White represented the best of us. 

And, he chose to see the best in all of us, we who were blessed to be in his tremendous circle of friends.

Rest in Peace, Ken. 

P.S.: Penn State won Saturday, beat Michigan 28-21, like you didn’t know.

Ken in the middle at Zeus' July 4th barbecue with
Frank Walburn, the late Danny Flowers
John and Joy Carchedi and the late Pat "Zeus" Cheshire.

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